Fusing west African rhythms with modern jazz sensibilities, Machimbombo (pronounced ‘Mah-shim-bombo’) delivers new music from guitarist, Pedro Velasco. Joined by Dan Mays on tenor saxophone, Geoff Threadgold on bass, Camilo Tirado on percussion and Adam Osmianski on drums, these original compositions spring to life through infectiously fun grooves, east and south African infused harmony, and playful improvisation.

Drawing on his family connections with Mozambique, his Portuguese roots, and the musical meditative-style of Frisell, all of Machimbombo’s material stems from Velasco’s original musings. But individuality and musical freedom are an integral part of it, too. Every song is developed in coffee-infused rehearsals, where new arrangements emerge as each player adds their own interpretive style and expression.

This is more than music for musicians; it’s music that invites everyone in for a joy ride.