Pedro Velasco Trio

Pedro Velasco has been composing music for as long as he’s been playing guitar. Small ideas, jotted down on scrap pieces of paper, sometimes turned into big ideas written across large scores. Velasco writes for the sake of expression, meaning, and relating – especially to his musical kin – with the hope audiences also enjoy his music for those qualities. He writes to be honest, true and real.

His music dodges definition. Rather than trying to fit into categories that define jazz, you could describe it as music that cares for silence and space; harmonically simple but directly expressive; loaded with interaction and trust. It’s dreamy, filmic, minimalistic, and it asks for plenty of role-blurring. Everyone’s taking care of time, taking care of harmony, taking care of melody, taking care of improvising. And, as a musician, it means the constructs that define one’s role can fade away, so you can simply play.

It’s music for music lovers, people who enjoy seeing the care that goes into composing and performing, and who connect with originality.