Splatter play improvised music that is not quite many things. It isn’t quite jazz, it isn’t quite free jazz, it isn’t quite free improvisation, it isn’t quite avant rock or plain old rock, or folk music or contemporary music – it is all of these things, mixed together in the moment – sometimes in the same tune.

TimeOut remarked that Splatter ‘feed shards of rock and black metal into their freeform jazz soundscapes”. It’s close ernough….

A couple of other reviews from Allaboutjazz and the Jazz Alchemist also give an inside on where the music might go.

Splatter’s line-up is:

Anna Kaluza (Germany) – alto sax
Noel Taylor (UK) – clarinet
Pedro Velasco (Portugal) – guitar
Tom Greenhalgh (UK) – drums

Michael Caratti was the drummer on the album ‘Scraffiti‘ but has since returned to Australia.

As always, Splatter has continued to evolve and as a result, it’s new album ‘Cloudseed‘ is now out. It features Rafal Mazur (Poland) on bass.

A review by Paulo Chagas from jazz.pt can be found here (English translation to be found on the Ears for Eyes blog). Also, Adam Baruch has this to say about Cloudseed.